lauren elizabeth (laurengill) wrote in wnymusic,
lauren elizabeth

Folk and/or Folk-Punk

This will probably be heavily cross-posted, but all of the Buffalo communities seem to be dead here... eh.

Anyway, I'm coming to visit Buffalo soon and will be there June 30th-July 7th. I grew up there but haven't lived there as a teenager and young adult so I don't know what is worth checking out in the city. Music-wise, I'm very into folk-punk (and I know Halo Fauna/Eric Ayotte play in Buffalo on occasion, I just don't know where) and folk in general and am looking toward shows/people into that sort of thing.

Additionally, any places that you think are worthy of checking out (whether vegan restaurants, worthwhile parks, any and all art collectives!!, CHEAP COLLEGE STUDENT THINGS) please let me know.

Sorry if this isn't entirely appropriate, mod(s).
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